Box diffraction

Is box diffraction audible or not ?
As usual, everybody has his opinion, but it’s rather difficult to listen to the phenomenom. So I did a simple soft to be able to listen with/without diffraction.
The box is a simple rectangular one and you can move your loudspeaker closer or not to the edges. I did some drastic mathematic simplifications but it should anyway give you a good idea of what happens in the real world. Main simplifications are :
- the loudspeakers are considered as a rigid circular pistons with corresponding directivity
- the listener is far away from loudspeakers and edges
- edges are sharp at 90°
- reflections from edges are of minimal phase nature
- in the 2-ways model, reflections from the woofer cavity is not taken into account
- I haven’t included baffle step simulation because I consider that, even if it comes from same physical properties of sound propagation (2pi to 4pi) to the edges, it’s quite easy for an engineer to deal with and it would have influenced too much the listening tests

No manual, hope you shouldn’t need one, just go to the Tip and FAQ for more explanations on how to use my softs.

But first download it here.

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