Software and VST plugins (start here)

My softwares are of two kinds : some are real tools (measuring your speakers, room correction, crossover for real loudspeakers,…) and other do what is called auralization : it’s a real time simulation of some electroacoustic phenomens. Most of those softs let you check if something is audible or not. You can listen, modify some parameters in real time and find if it is audible or not. Stop reading everybody’s argument and listen by yourself. But be carefull, this kind of auralization is different from a real situation : for example, in some of the softwares below, I add reflections. In a real room, small movements of the head help to dissociate those reflections from the direct sound. With a headphone, you cannot do it (unless maybe head tracking and full HRTF simulation) so some effects may be more pronounced with my softs than in real life, sorry…

All softwares can be used standalone, but on Windows only (use the .exe file), or as VST plugin (just use the .dll file)

I invite you to read the corresponding page before downloading and using a soft.


  • Align, a tool to measure your speakers and to calculate DRC correction. Download
  • Align2, a more complete tool to measure your speakers, to calculate DRC and now PORC correction and to plot results. Download
  • The Final Cut, simulation of a loudspeaker and a room, you can directly listen while changing parameters and simulate the benefit of DRC Digital Room Correction. Download


  • LSFilter, a complete four way IIR louspeaker filter with integrated EQ. Download
  • Crossvolver, a four way FIR louspeaker filter (FIR filter calculation and 4 stereo convolvers). Download
  • XOralizer, simulation of various 4 ways crossovers when you change position, ie out of the speaker axis. Download
  • XOtime, simulation of pure delays on speakers with FIR crossover to listen if time alignement is important or not. Download


  • Phase audibility, a tool to check if phase distortion is audible : simulate low frequency cutoff of loudspeakers or phase distortion of speaker filters and listen. Download
  • Distorder, check what level of distortion you can hear : frequency response, phase distortion, THD and IMD, unbalance, interaural delay,…You can add various distortions and listen to the result : what is your JND (just noticeable distortion) ? Download
  • Hear the difference,if an ABX test between files is too difficult, it is easier to listen only to the difference between those files ! This is another tool to train your hearing, it helps you to find what to listen for. Download
  • Combfilter, a simple soft to listen to the effects of combfiltering of two delayed sources. Download
  • EarEQ, test your hearing (it’s a kind of audiogram). It can also be used to compare frequency response of two headphones. Download
  • Precedence, also known as Haas effect, time and level can compensate each other to keep arriving sound coming from the same apparent direction. Download


  • Crossfeed and EQ, crossfeed on headphones improves spatialization of most records. The integrated signal generator helps you to find your own optimized parameters. Included is a five band parametric equaliser. Has been replaced by Head-fit. Download is still available.
  • Head-fit, a tool to optimize your headphone : special signal generator, fully adaptable crossfeed, 6 bands parametric EQ. Download
  • Ditherer, just to understand how dither works. Download
  • Convpare, compare to convolved responses. Download
  • Pinkanalyzer is a tool (Windows only) to analyse wav files (frequency response, RMS, max, crest factor) especially for pink noises
  • Audiogenerator is a very complete generator with different signals (sweeps, sine, pulses, bongs,…)


  • Resone, play with resonances : the software generates a random parametric EQ with a peak or a notch.
    You have to equalize to retrieve a flat response. A very usefull tool to train you ears and find frequency response anomalies. Not so easy ! Download