Difficult to assess the importance of time alignement of speakers. In most cases, when you modify speaker alignement in real world or if you use delays, you inevitably also modify the summed frequency response. So generally what you hear is the amplitude changes.

This software uses a high slope FIR filter, so when you delay high, mid or low frequencies, you don’t get any modificatiopn of the frequency response.  And so you are able to listen to time alignement itself. Try it and tell us your conclusions. The only tradeoff is that I use high slope linear phase filters that may add some pre-ringing depending on the delay used. Do not add any delay in all filter and tell me if it is audible for you with some kinds of filters. More work for future…

How to use it :

in each convolver you’ll have to load the filters (high, mid, low) created in "filter setup" and placed in the filter directory.

Note that the "flat direct" position also goes through a convolver with a flat response so there is no delay between the two positions "flat" or "filter".

Thanks to Uli Brueggemann : I’m using his maXO to create the FIR filters.

Here is the download.