the definitive (?) soft to listen to your crossover !

You can create a 4 ways speaker (or WMTMW…), position the speakers,define the crossover and then move the listener to hear and see the response changing.

Download is here

Try the difference between first order (6dB/oct) and a Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/oct !

Notes :

– in the geometry panel, x and y dimensions don’t have same scale, check with indicated values to be sure

– in the geometry panel, the yellow circles represent speakers (1 to 4 from below) and the fifth is the listener

– EQ is available so to linearize frequency response when you have a filter with a non flat curve

– the cutoff in low frequencies seen on the display is only due to the limited resolution of this FFT display

– the directivity of the drivers is not taken into account