This page is very new, I’ll add more information later but you can begin to use it : download is here.

What does this software : Crossvolver is a multiway convolver.
It convolves the incoming signal into a four-ways stereo crossover but this FIR crossover can also implement DRC : the filter not only separates frequencies but also corrects the frequency response of your
speakers and room.

How to use it :

– first calculate and try your crossover, locate files (choose any file of your Crossvolver directory) and run fir.bat. It will open maXO filter calculation, choose precision single-32bit, your sampling frequency, filter type minimal or linear phase (I suggest to begin with linear phase but later, it’s very interesting to compare audible results between both types) and decide of your frequencies and slopes (filter order). Filters are of maximally flat type (butterworth).

– you will end with files in filters directory with names like XOLowL44flat.wav. Go to each convolver and load the corresponding .wav file in Filter/config. If the generator is set on pink noise, you will now see the curves of your crossover and you can listen to first results

– the I/O of the software are :
input 1 is left in
input 2 is right in
output 1 is left out (same out as FFT blue curve)
output 2 is left out (same out as FFT red curve)
output 3 is left out for low
output 4 is right out for low
output 5 is left out for low mid
output 6 is right out for low mid
output 7 is left out for high mid
output 8 is right out for high mid
output 9 is left out for high
output 10 is right out for high

– now that you have a working crossover, let’s go on DRC. You have to create a drc.pcm file that is the impulse response of the room correction filter (more info on the Final Cut software). Just place this drc.pcm file in the filters directory and run again fir.bat. You will end with files called XOLowL44drc.wav and you can now load those files in the convolvers. XOLowL44drc.wav corresponds to XOLowL44flat.wav convolved with drc.pcm

– I’m planning an evolution of Crossvolver in the next weeks that directly integrates DRC setup so it will be much easier to do the whole setup.