Digital Room Correction for the dummies : Align

No more reason not to have a perfect loudspeakers + room setup, just try this simple software called Align.

In 5 clicks, you measure and correct the amplitude and phase response of your speakers in your room.

Sorry the explanation page here is yet only in french but the soft should be easy enough to use, get it here.

2 Responses to “ Digital Room Correction for the dummies : Align ”

  1. sdf Says:

    Sujet trés interessant!
    Merci pour se condensé qui permet visiblement de faire de la correction accoustique simplement et gratuitement!

    Superbe travail que je testerais dans les mois à venir je l’espère!

  2. Igan Says:

    Hy, I’m realy about this software you made, but I’m Having problems with ih, (Blue screen), and though instructions are in French, i have no idea what to do 🙁 are you planning to make Instructions in English?
    Btw,. keep up a great work!!!

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