DRC software of Denis Sbraggion, coupled with a convolution tool, is a wonderfull FIR Eq for loudspeakers. But it is not so easy to use because it’s only command lines… So I did a basic interface working in Windows. Download it here, try it and let me know you wishes.


Added informations : another GUI for DRC is available here , nice interface, but only in italian now ( so just a bit complicated for me !). There is a discussion forum about this interface.

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  1. Roland Says:

    Have you seen DRC Interface?
    Has been developed under Denis Sbragion supervision by user group guys (Ale8 and Brigno).


  2. Holger Senkel Says:

    the LS filter is a very good program!
    The sound is better than any other Xover.
    And the player is better than foobar and cPlay!
    Are there any improvements?
    The EQ is not adjustable 🙁 (
    Very good would be an allocation of ASIO outputs
    on the channels of the soundcard :-))
    Please continue, this program is the greatest!
    Best Regards Holger Senkel, hms27@gmx.de
    PS: Work with Vista, Trace D4, 3x SA-XR55,
    Ocos-LS cable, B = Dipolsubwoofer,
    M = 4x ScanSpeak 15W, H = BG NEO8S.
    I would be happy to send pictures.

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