Modal sound

This is a trial to understand what happens with room modes : modes take some time to establish, cannot deal easily with them with Eq, when you move, they also move, etc,…complicated, very complicated !

So listen to your room modes with a headphone and move your walls with your mouse, much easier…

Try this : use pink noise and adjust the room length to have a peak at say 200Hz. Now set generator to bonger also at 200Hz and listen with/without room and change attenuation. Even a small attenuation gives sensible results ! Now try to get same results with the parametric EQ set at 200Hz. Good luck, ….

My first thoughts after some listenings :
– every room treatment is favourable, even small ones, each dB lost in low frequencies on a wall is rewarding and audible ! Because the absorption occurs at each wall reflexion, the effect is multiplied !
– you cannot cancel acoustic modes with graphical Eq. With parametric filters, you need to do it very precisely.

The subject is a bit new for me so any feedback will be much appreciated.

Note : this soft has been integrated in the final cut (see post above) so you won’t find it anymore in the download page.

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